Powershell in a Month Day 12 – A Practical Interlude

This is part of my Powershell Challenge, to learn more about PowerShell (PoSh) using the Learn Windows Powershell 3 in a Month of Lunches book by Don Jones.

This chapter is a practical one. Build a scheduled task that removes all jobs from a certain printer. Not that hard, but we’re using Powershell, and I’ve never done this for sure.

The chapter walks you through a process, though I’m not sure this is the best one. After all, building scheduled tasks from Powershell seems to be overkill, especially since I’ve rarely scheduled the same thing across multiple machines. Except SQL Agent, and there it’s certainly easy to use T-SQL to do so. However, I get the idea. They want you to work through looking for commands, and then figuring things out within Powershell.

The other problem I have from this item is that there are typos. The command they first show with a parameter of “printer”, but that caused me errors. It needs to be “printername”. That threw me at first, and made me think if things didn’t work, I wouldn’t know where the errors were.

As I worked along with the authors to create a task, trigger, action, etc. I felt somewhat empowered, but I also felt that they didn’t quite explain the details enough of how they delve into the commands. A lot of information is returned when you run help, and it can be confusing or difficult to choose which items to link and how. Overall, I felt they shortcut’ed the explanation a bit for people learning Powershell.

However, the lab was similar. Create a folder and share it.

I’ve done this lots of times, but not with PoSh. I knew that many of the DOS commands like “mkdir” work, but I wanted to find out what was the basis. A little help showed me this was the New-Item command. A few experiments and I had created a C:\Labs folder on my machine. I was thinking this would be a pipeline command, so I saved it.

$cf = New-Item -path "c:\labs" -type "directory"

When I saw the folder in Explorer, I felt a bit proud of myself.

From there I dug into help with *share* and found the SMB share items. I’ve know that file sharing was with SMB, but I could certainly see some DBAs and others wondering. When I’ve used “SMB” in a few talks, I’ve gotten some blank stares at times. Anyway, I completed the task easily, and figured out I couldn’t pipeline these tasks. However, I had remembered somewhere in my mind that ($cf) would execute that variable, and that worked.

Overall this was a good chapter and exercise. I could certainly see this lab being handy as I’ve often wanted to standardize things, like backup directories, on a lot of servers. I’ve even had standard shares at times.

This was a good building block to learning how to assemble some commands and accomplish a task. I’d like to see 2-3 small tasks like this to help learn how to build to bigger projects. Perhaps that’s coming.

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