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T-SQL–Converting Seconds to Time

I was working on a small piece of code the other day that was calculating the seconds for an event. I had a function that returned me the seconds as an integer. That’s good, but I wanted to get that … Continue reading

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The DevOps movement is supposed to promote a closer collaboration between developers, testers, operational people, and really anyone else that must help software gets build and deployed. The developers need to coordinate their needs and requirements with operational staff. They … Continue reading

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Last week was SQL Bits in the UK, and it was a blast. I think this might be my favorite conference, despite the long trip for me to get there. This is my third SQL Bits, and each has been … Continue reading

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Apologies to my CI for Databases Attendees

I have to apologize to everyone that attended my Continuous Integration for Databases talk at SQL Bits. I ran over, a few demos didn’t work, and my machine flaked more than expected. I know those things happen, but I still … Continue reading

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