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Happy Labor Day 2014

Happy Labor Day to everyone. It’s a holiday in the US, so a break from labor for many of us, but those of you outside the US are probably hard at work, so I hope you have a very productive, … Continue reading

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DevConnections 2014

I live on a small ranch in Colorado. It’s a working ranch where we board horses, and my wife trains both horses and people. There’s a lot of work to be done at the ranch, and both me and the … Continue reading

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I read this sentence recently, and it really caught my eye, mostly because I’ve rarely seen hooks being built into the software systems that I’ve written, or that have been deployed to my production systems. “A quick chat with your … Continue reading

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The Time Machine: Four Things I’ll Tell Steve Jones

I was tagged by Mike Walsh recently in a blog post he wrote about 4 Attitudes he wished he’d had earlier in his career. It’s always interesting to look back at the past and think about how things might have … Continue reading

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I did my part – Helping others

Let’s raise some money, people. TL;DR Donate to Doctors Without Borders, the Argenis Without Borders campaign. What started out as a joke has grown, and we’re really looking to raise some money for this charity. I did my part I … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineering Disasters

If you are responsible for managing systems, you should have some sort of disaster recovery plan. Even if you are only managing the one system you carry with you on a regular basis, you should ask the question: What would it … Continue reading

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Better Presentations–Hide those Windows

This is part of a series of tips for speakers to make your presentations better. I wanted to give some specific SQL Server presentation items that have bothered me recently. These aren’t big things, but they do cause problems for attendees, … Continue reading

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Smooth Database Deployment at SQL in the City 2014

One of the themes at Red Gate Software this year has been “ship often, ship safe”. Actually, that’s been a theme (and goal) for us the last few years as we’ve learned how to build software faster, maintain quality, and get features … Continue reading

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Making Better Presentations–Tips and Tricks

I give a lot of presentations each year. I am constantly trying to improve my presentation skills to continue to get invitations to speak, to represent my employer well, and to ensure attendees are interested and learn a few things. … Continue reading

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Testing is Your Best Investment

I signed up for the FlowCon 2014 conference in San Francisco this September. It’s a two day event about software development and how we can do better. My job is starting to encompass more work in this area, and I’m excited to … Continue reading

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