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Save on IT/DevConnections this fall

For the first time in many years, I won’t be at IT/DevConnections this fall.  I’m disappointed to miss the event, but I had other commitments around this time when I heard about being chosen as a speaker and this would … Continue reading

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Bringing Database Devops to DevConnections

Another alliteration post. Maybe I’ll make all my titles tongue twisters to test your talents? This is my new favorite session. I’m slated to deliver this at a few different conferences this fall, and hopefully you’ll come see it in … Continue reading

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Learning All About Always Encrypted at DevConnections

Like the alliteration in the title? I almost removed it, but decided it had a nice ring. Maybe that should be the title of my IT/DevConnections (Oct 10-13, 2016) session other than End to End Always Encrypted in SQL Server … Continue reading

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Finding out Who’s Touching Your Database at DevConnections

I’ve got a session this fall at the IT/DevConnections conference (Oct 10-13, 2016) called “Who’s Touching My Database?” This is something I’ve worked on for a few years, but never really gotten it to the point where I was ready … Continue reading

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Come to IT/Dev Connections–July Sale

You can register for IT/Dev Connections in October and save this weekend with the July Sale. Use code: JULYSALE. I’ll be speaking, though I’m not sure which sessions will be chosen. This year the conference is going to be on … Continue reading

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Window Functions at IT/DevConnections

I’m honored to have been chosen to present again at the IT/DevConnections conference this September in Las Vegas. It’s being held once again at Aria, which so far has been the only conference center I’ve seen that handled the bandwidth … Continue reading

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Back from DevConnections

I spent a few days at DevConnections this week and really enjoyed the conference. The location was Aria in Las Vegas, where I’ve never been, but it was a new, really nice hotel and there was one amazing thing: The … Continue reading

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DevConnections–High Performance Encryption

The talk page is updated, but in case you attended my talk, the downloads are here: Slides: EncryptionPerformance.pptx Code: EncryptionPerformance.zip There are also a few great questions in the talk. One that I certainly need an answer to is how … Continue reading

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DevConnections–Continuous Integration for Databases

Thanks to everyone that attended my Continuous Integration for Databases talk today. I’ve included download links to the deck here if you’re interested. Slides: CI for Databases.pptx I’d also recommend that you check out a few other resources if you … Continue reading

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DevConnections 2014

It’s time for Devconnections again, and I’m back in Las Vegas for the conference. This is a great conference if you work with a variety of Microsoft technologies, or want to learn about something in addition to SQL Server. We … Continue reading

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