Finding out Who’s Touching Your Database at DevConnections

I’ve got a session this fall at the IT/DevConnections conference (Oct 10-13, 2016) called “Who’s Touching My Database?” This is something I’ve worked on for a few years, but never really gotten it to the point where I was ready to deliver it.

Earlier this year, with all the security issues I’ve seen across the last couple years, and having had some questions from customers of Redgate, I decided to finish this talk off. I submitted it to DevConnections and started trying to focus the talk down to showing ways in which you can audit the activity on your database server.

I’ve worked in a few environments where security was taken very seriously and auditing was critical to proving we were properly managing our systems. These days I slowly see the importance of security and auditing growing to all industries, becoming more and more important. I hope to showcase the flexibility and possibilities (As well as drawbacks) of tracking activity on your database servers.

If you’re looking for some training, some inspiration, and are a full-stack developer, or multi-technology IT worker, think about coming out to DevConnections. There are a slew of technologies being covered (VS, ASP.NET, C#7, Azure, PowerShell, AWS, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Exchange, Hyper-V and more).

Register today, use 500SPKR to save $500, and I’ll see you in Las Vegas this October.

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