Bringing Database Devops to DevConnections

Another alliteration post. Maybe I’ll make all my titles tongue twisters to test your talents?

This is my new favorite session. I’m slated to deliver this at a few different conferences this fall, and hopefully you’ll come see it in Las Vegas at DevConnections on Oct 10-13.

The talk is called Bringing DevOps to the Database, and this presentation is designed to show how many of the software development processes that we take for granted with .NET, Java, and other front end applications can be applied to the database. I’ll cover how version control, Continuous Integration (CI), and Release Management (RM) can be applied to database changes.

This has been a focus of mine as an evangelist for Redgate Software, and I’ve found a number of ways that you can adopt common, best practice software engineering in the database development process. I’ll show how Redgate makes this easy, but I cover the process in a tool independent way. You’ll learn what needs to happen. How you get that working is up to you, but if help is needed, Redgate can cover that part.

If you’re looking for some training, some inspiration, and are a full-stack developer, or multi-technology IT worker, think about coming out to DevConnections. There are a slew of technologies being covered (VS, ASP.NET, C#7, Azure, PowerShell, AWS, SQL Server, Sharepoint, Exchange, Hyper-V and more).

Register today, use 500SPKR to save $500, and I’ll see you in Las Vegas this October.

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  1. papynormand says:

    Surely an interesting session but I am too far from Las Vegas to attend it. Is it possible to get some slides about it ?


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