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SQL in the City This Fall

We’ve got a couple of large SQL in the City events coming this fall.  I’m speaking at both, which I think means my boss is happy with my work for Red Gate Software. At least, that’s what I’ll tell myself. … Continue reading

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Challenge Yourself

I am a proponent of blogging as a way to build your brand. Your work showcases your knowledge, thought process, and interests. It provides a way for potential employers to perform due diligence and determine if you are a good … Continue reading

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Making Better Presentations–Organize Things

This is part of a series of tips for speakers on how to make your presentations better. Organization matters, and it makes a difference to how your presentation goes. The more organized you are, the better the experience for attendees. … Continue reading

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Database Checkups

I am most definitely a fan of continuous delivery (CD) and the idea that we have the ability to both release our software at any time, for any change, but also have the process and mindset in place to rapidly … Continue reading

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PASS Rocks SQL Saturday

I had another piece that looked at some issues with PASS slated for today, but it’s been a tough morning. Both with work, and with the conflict with PASS, so I’m going to move this up and give PASS more … Continue reading

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Is SQL Server Mature?

When I asked recently what compelling reasons there are, or aren’t, for upgrading SQL Server, it seems cost was the issue for most people. I can understand that, especially as licensing for VMs has made it an expensive endeavor to upgrade their … Continue reading

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People Helping People – Volunteers

Continuing on with things that PASS does well, since I want to be balanced, I wanted to talk about volunteers. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but PASS gets a lot of volunteers. There are volunteers that run SQL Saturdays. … Continue reading

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The BaCON Debacle, or Who’s Mike?

Who is Mike in the business intelligence/analytics world? Is it Mike White? If it is, he’s the guy I call for help with SSAS stuff. I’ve known Mike for years and he’s a smart guy. Is it Mike Davis? He’s … Continue reading

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The Value of Data

How valuable is your data? It’s a good question, and certainly the type of data your organization has along with the business in which you are engaged will make your data more or less valuable. More and more we find … Continue reading

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An Amazing Conference

I said that I’d write about some good things PASS does, and I’ll make it a point to do so. Despite my complaints and criticisms, I like the organization. I’ve been a part of it since October 1999, when the … Continue reading

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