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The Geek Costume

It’s Halloween, and while many of you are too old to dress up in a costume, some of you may be planning on joining your kids for trick or treating, or even attending a party of some sort. It can … Continue reading

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Have You Been Hacked?

I am glad that I don’t work in the retail industry as a DBA. It seems that I read about a new security breach every few weeks from some company. Home Depot, Target, Staples, the list goes on and on, and includes more … Continue reading

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Packing for Seattle

This will be a long trip, and I’ve got some extra items to pack. A new hat and, of course, my leggings for the Argenis Without Borders campaign (you can still donate). No, those aren’t my legs, and you’ll have … Continue reading

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Quick Schema Auditing

I was working on a demo recently and needed to show that a little monitoring can help you catch schema changes. At first I looked at SQL Audit and DDL Triggers, but then I ran across a short custom metric … Continue reading

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Triple Digits

The salary surveys for 2015 look good for data professionals. The Robert Half results that appear in this piece show lots of salaries creeping well into the triple digits for annual salary in the US. Not only are the upper bounds over … Continue reading

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Default Framing–Window Functions

I’ve been playing with the window functions in T-SQL a bit, and I find them very interesting. They certainly solve some problems very well, in a way that’s much easier than has been available in T-SQL. However there are some … Continue reading

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CI and CD Aren’t Magic

I’ve been studying and talking with lots of developers and DBAs about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for a few years. Many technical people are excited about the possibilities and look forward to trying to automate their builds, their testing, … Continue reading

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Avoiding a DBA’s Worst Days with Monitoring

SQL in the City Abstract: When things go wrong with a database, it can be the start of the worst day of a DBA’s life. Join Steve Jones as he examines the problems uncovered by The DBA Team and how … Continue reading

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Off to London

Today I’m off across the Atlantic again. SQL in the City 2014 kicks off in London and I have 3 talks to give on Friday. Plus a keynote. Today is keynote practice, last minute packing, and then off to the … Continue reading

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Searching for a Laptop Bag

I was in San Jose recently for the Silicon Valley Code Camp and when I picked up my backpack in the morning at the hotel, an edge caught on the desk and my zipper pulled loose. Not what you want … Continue reading

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