Summit 2014

The 2014 PASS Summit kicked off this week in Seattle. It’s a familiar location for those that have attended past events, as the conference has been held here more often than not. Plans are that it will be here for the next few years, so if you would like to attend, plan on a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

My plan is to try and write a bit each day about the event and get that out to those of you that aren’t attending and share a bit about the experience. Don’t expect reports on late night activities as that’s not usually part of my day. My bedtime is likely in the 10:30 range, and I plan to be in the hotel most nights by that time. I also need to get things written by late afternoon, so some of the reporting may slide to the next day.

Yesterday was SQL in the City – Seattle 2014 for me. This was our second event this year, and I’m assuming it was fun. I’ve written this in advance as I’ll be busy speaking at the event, meeting people, and then racing to the annual Networking Dinner that Andy Warren and I put on. I’m sure that’s fun as well.

Today is my pre-con day. There were pre-cons yesterday (Monday) and more today. I’ll be in Allan Hirt’s The A to Z of Availability Groups. I’ve fumbled through AG setups myself, but it’s been confusing at times, and I know Allan is one of the experts, so I’m looking to shore up my knowledge. I’ll be taking lots of notes that I’ll be using in blog posts to document my knowledge later.

I’ll link to pictures as I find them and add notes when I can. Hopefully I’ll get new posts out every day with some highlights and coverage of the event. I’ll be live blogging and live tweeting on Wednesday and Thursday, so look for some posts on the announcements and happenings, possibly with some sarcasm and humor, so take things with a grain of salt.  Hopefully you enjoy hearing about the event this week.

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