SQL in the City 2014 – Washington DC

I’m off today, traveling to SQL in the City 2014 – Washington DC to meet Grant and deliver another database delivery seminar. We’ll be talking about Version Control, testing, continuous integration, and database delivery, and showing off some of the Red Gate tools that can make the process easier.

I really think that you will reap benefits if you start to build a software delivery pipeline and incorporate some of the agile/ALM/DLM processes into your software build system. It’s some work up front, and maintenance ongoing, but it does allow you to regression test, rapidly review changes, and consistently deploy software to your production systems.

Not easy, but it does build solid engineering habits and should help you deliver software reliably, and quickly.

We’re looking at doing more seminars in 2015 and are planning things now. If you’re interested in having us some to your city, perhaps around a SQL Saturday, or maybe just because you don’t have any events, send a request to Red Gate. Use sqlinthecity@red-gate.com and let them know you want Grant and myself to swing by.

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