Saying No – Feb 28 and Mar 28

I hate skipping events. If I could, I’d go to all SQL Saturdays each year, but I can’t make them all, and I can’t travel every weekend. I can’t really travel two weeks in a row as it puts stress on my and my family, and with our busy lives, it takes me away from the precious little time I have with them.

This year I’ve already missed the annual trip to Albuquerque. It comes up on Feb 7, but I’ll be flying back from the UK that day, so I can’t make it. I’m disappointed as the drive down, a day of skiing at Taos, and seeing the wonderful hosts in New Mexico is something I look forward to. Hopefully I’ll go back in 2015.

I’ve also got two other dates that are out. My apologies as I’ve told a few people I’d try to make their events, but I can’t travel on Feb 28 or Mar 28. That means I’m not going to make:

I’d say I’m missing Vienna as well, and if I could, I’d go there and ski, but I was tempted by Pordeone and a weekend with my wife in Italy. However I have a few kid events, and my trip to SQL Bits involves a stay into the following week, so adding 3-4 more days isn’t something I can (or want to) do.

In March, my kids are on vacation and with some family coming into town, I can’t travel then, either.

This year seems to have a strange schedule to it. Not many events spread out, with most of them being bunched up into a few dates this spring. That limits my flexibility, but that’s a me problem, not anyone else’s issue. However it does mean that I don’t get to see as much of the amazing SQL Server community this spring. As of now, I don’t have any SQL Saturdays in the first quarter.

I’m still planning April and May, and I’m hoping to get to a few other events. I’m also hoping we’ll see a few more SQL Saturdays pop up and I’ll still get to 10 this year.

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  1. Andrea MT says:

    Sorry to read about your decision. I’d like to meet you in Pordenone. It’ll be my first time as a SQL Saturday speaker. Greetings from Italy!

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