I May Not Shake Your Hands

I’m traveling next week to the SQL Konferenz in Germany, and then on to Red Gate in the UK.

However, I may pull a Wil Wheaton at the event and the office and not shake hands. I haven’t had issues with this in the past, with lots of handshakes, hugs, and even a few cheek kisses at times. This time, though it’s me, not you.

I’ve been fighting a virus of some sort for a little over a week. I don’t have bad symptoms, mostly annoying chest tightness, sore throat, and a slightly runny nose. My son has bronchitis, but I don’t have a lot of his symptoms, and I don’t think antibiotics will help. No fever, so I think I have to wait things out.

I may be miserable, but certainly not sick enough to cancel anything. I’ll be loading up on medicines to mask symptoms and ease travel, but I may not engage a lot with some of you.

I also may limit questions, but I’ll bring a pad and if I can’t answer in person, I’ll be sure to blog or post answers later. My typing isn’t affected, so you’ll likely get a better answer anyway.

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