Desktop Repairs – Power Supply Issues

My desktop didn’t restart after vacation a few weeks ago. That wasn’t what I wanted to have happen with a lot of work to get done before some travel. Needless to say I wasn’t thrilled when it happened.

Photo Jan 30, 8 35 47 AM

I was worried that something major had died. However I’d replaced the main boot drive recently and I had the old one. If I could get power.

I emailed Glenn Berry, who’s my go to hardware consultant. He suggested I check the power supply since I couldn’t get anything to happen. On his advice, I went to the local Microcenter and bought a new 650W power supply. Here’s the old one, with a stock CPU cooler. I bought a new one of those as well, since I find the heat alarm going off during some video editing.

Photo Jan 30, 10 11 59 AM

I didn’t remove the old power supply at first. I actually disconnected it and connected the new one to the motherboard from outside the case and powered things on. Sure enough, everything came on. Lights, drives, etc.

I then powered things down again and set about replacing the power supply. It’s actually easy, and I’m surprised I’ve never had to do this before in my life. Probably because I’ve tended to replace machines so often.

In any case, it was a matter of removing 4 or 5 screws from the back of the case, carefully slipping out the old PS and then putting the new one in there.

The CPU cooler was trickier. The tabs push through the motherboard and hook, but they are somewhat fragile. I was worried, and sure enough, the first time they weren’t tight. The cooler needs to be held tight to the CPU to pull off heat. It was loose and I got heat alarms once I started using the machine.

However I kept messing with it, slowly trying to get the tabs in there and eventually they are holding fairly tight. I still get heat alarms during heavy duty video processing, so I think this cheap $25 cooler isn’t good enough. Or I don’t have enough thermal grease. Either way, I’ll probably replace this soon.

Here’s everything together.

Photo Feb 13, 10 50 03 AM

And a happy Steve.

Photo Feb 13, 10 50 45 AM

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