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Your Tools

I was watching a few developers present recently and they made extensive use of tools to make their coding go very quickly. At one point in the presentation, after having shown a very efficient coding session, one of the developers … Continue reading

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Parsing SQL Saturday Data – Looping Through And Loading All XML Files

After my last post on parsing the XML, I decided to continue forward and get ready to put the data in a database. For that, I’m really looking for this data: event ID session title With this, I can easily … Continue reading

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The Vacation Conundrum

Would I want unlimited time off? It’s an interesting question. I think I might like something more like a minimum time off, or perhaps an allowance, with the tracking and offer to work with employees that need more. There are … Continue reading

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SQL Injection, Still?

It seems as though SQL Injection issues are still around. Attacks from SQL Injection are on the uptick as we begin moving through 2015. As noted in that piece, the constraints put on software developers usually mean that testing and security are … Continue reading

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