The May Blogger Challenge–Continuing On

Last month I participated in Ed Leighton-Dick’s April Challenge. My four posts were tagged the April Challenge, and this month I plan to continue, and hopefully get a few more people to up their blogging.

Building on April

To make the next step in starting to blog regularly, I’d like to see people in May continue with their weekly blogging, but do one more thing: write one additional post.

This additional post I’d like to be one of the T-SQL Tuesday topics. Pick one from the list of past choices and write a post. Feel free to title it with the T-SQL Tuesday number and post it. It really doesn’t matter when you wrote it. The whole idea is to just write.

Getting Started in May

If you didn’t participate, or you struggled to get 4 posts, get started in May. Write one post per week and publish it. You can tag it the #SQLNewBlogger or you can just send a note to myself or Ed. We’d like to know what you’re doing.

If you struggle to write, do one of these two things:

  • Make a note, send yourself an email, whatever, when you close a ticket or complete a section of code.
  • Use one of my topics

Either one of these things work. I’d prefer you do the first one and just make a note when you do something. I’m sure you do something at work. Maybe it’s check logs, maybe it’s solve a problem with an instance, maybe it’s write a report. Anytime you do something, make a note.

Then write about that note in a weekly session.

If you are still struggling for topics, here are a few that I’d like to see you tackle in May:

  • Where do you use a unique index?
  • Generate a script after adding a column in the SSMS table designer
  • Query for the list of recent full backups in msdb for a single database
  • Show how to join two tables.

Pick one and write. Set aside a 15 minute session a week to write, and work on a short, < 1 page, post.

Good luck, and hope to see you blogging in May.

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