Boring or Scripting

Do you want to continue to perform boring, repetitive, mundane tasks as a part of your job? Many of you might not be challenged at work, or you might be burdened with a series of requests that repeat themselves over and over. They’re easy tasks, many of them probably take minutes. I’m sure there’s also a level of mindlessness that you find comforting at times with just working through a familiar task.

However many of you also get busy. You have no shortage of new tasks that get assigned to you on a regular basis. You probably also get stressed from your heavy workload at times. What do you do when you’re too busy to work through the mundane tasks, but they still need to be done? It can be a challenge to manage that burst in a workload if you haven’t prepared for it.

There is a way to remove some of the mundane administrative work from your job. It’s not simple, and it’s not going to solve all your issues right away, but over time, you can certainly reduce the burden of working on dull tasks over and over again, across multiple machines.

Learning PowerShell (PoSh) or some other scripting language. VBScript works fine, as does Perl, and there are others, but if you’re a Microsoft person, especially a SQL Server person, learn PoSh. It’s used in all the products, it’s becoming a standard for all Microsoft products, it works in the cloud, and it works with SQL Server. It takes some getting used to, and it certainly can help with repetitive tasks. It can also run all your SQL scripts for you, just in a more automated fashion.

You can grow your career, add a new skill, reduce your workload, and become more efficient at your job.

Or continue to be boring.

Steve Jones

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