I worked in a large company at one point in a team of 20 people. My boss made it a point every month to take a long lunch with the team and engage in some teambuilding. Usually one of us would have to remain at the office, but we rotated the duty so that most of use could participate. We would go to movies, go bowling, have a team lunch, watch a baseball game, or something similar.

At Redgate, the various groups schedule days out, and last month the company had a large “day out”, bringing many of the Americans over from the US to participate. It was a good time, and the chance to get to know some of people in the company I rarely interact with.

Team building has been hit or miss, but I’m curious how many of you engage in the activity. I know I’ve worked in plenty of companies where there was no effort made to build a team. This week I wanted to ask you:

Do you engage in team building at work and what events have you enjoyed?

Maybe I should ask what worked well to help build a team, but sometimes the enjoyment and bonding go and in hand.

I thought of this recently as my daughter wanted to ride zip lines for her birthday. We packed up the family to go, and while it wasn’t everyone’s first choice, we enjoyed it and had a few hours to laugh and joke with each other. It turned out to be a much better family bonding time than a few people expected. If you’ve never tried it, I might recommend it as a way to have fun with a small group of people.

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