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Maturing Your Database Development Process–Version Control

At Redgate Software, we have a progression of the stages of a database development pipeline. These are the various ways in which you can better engineer your database development to ensure smoother releases to production, with less issues. There are … Continue reading

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Loading XML Data–CONVERT Option 2

I was playing around with some XML lately, and had to load a file that looked like this:: I ran a simple query, one that used the OPENROWSET and a CONVERT to load the data. WITH XmlFile (Contents) AS ( … Continue reading

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Amateur Data Analysis

What’s a good way to analyze data? How do you know if you’re actually looking at data in a way that provides a valid analysis? It’s entirely possible to statistically look at a set of data, run some aggregates, build … Continue reading

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Connecting, Saving, Discarding, Branching, and Merging in the Big Apple

We’ve got another DLM workshop on Database Source Control taking place in New York City on August 27. It’s in Manhattan, at the Microsoft office all day, with lots of hands on labs to help you learn a number of … Continue reading

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