Connecting, Saving, Discarding, Branching, and Merging in the Big Apple

We’ve got another DLM workshop on Database Source Control taking place in New York City on August 27. It’s in Manhattan, at the Microsoft office all day, with lots of hands on labs to help you learn a number of skills:

  • connecting your database to a VCS with SQL Source Control.
  • discarding changes and recovering an older version of your code from a VCS.
  • branching your database code
  • merging changes from branches together.
  • using migration scripts for custom code changes and preserving these in your VCS.
  • and more

Register today, and spend a day with Ike Ellis and myself  learning about database version control. The class is only $100 for a limited time, so make plans to join us.

You’ll need to bring a laptop, but we’ll provide a VM ready for you to practice the skills on, and we’ll provide the food and refreshments for the day.

Using a Version Control System is essential for application developers, and it should be for database developers as well. Learn how you can start to ensure your database code is protected and versioned, just like all your other code.

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