How many environments?

One of the things I’ve learned over time is that in order to develop software, you need multiple environments. I think that outside of school projects, I’ve always used at least two environments: development and production. At school there were times I worked on software that I also used, and would make changes on my live (and only) system. I had no shortage of regrets, and whenever I question using a Version Control System (VCS) or separate environments, I think back to those days.

People I meet these days that develop software almost always have more than one environment, and most have at least 3. The most common model might be development, test, and production, but plenty of people work with even more. Maybe not as many as the seven Grant once had to deal with, but I have worked in environments where we had six database environments for one of our software pipelines.

How many different environments do you work with?

The poll this week asks for the count in your organization. I realize that you probably have multiple applications and test environments, but choose one or more and give us some answers.

The most I’ve worked with was in a financial services company. We had a development database and a separate QA system for testing. There was a staging system to mimic production, a Beta database for users to actually test against and production. That worked well, and we were able to easily refresh environments as needed without impacting our development efforts. Mostly because we have a strong DevOps type process.

Let us know this week how you’ve got your systems set up and what each one is used for in your software pipeline.

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4 Responses to How many environments?

  1. We are currently at 12 environments from development to production.


  2. I am not sure the exact use by the development team. I just have to make sure they are available.

    We have:
    Continuous Integration – Future
    Continuous Integration – Main
    Continuous Integration – Partner
    Continuous Integration – Patch
    Platform Mirror


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