ER Modeling

I saw someone recently note that an Entity-Relationship model is important for your database development project. That UML is important, and the model should be actively maintained. I agree.

However, I’ve usually not seen this done. Typically when I’ve seen an ER diagram in a shop, it resides on a wall, printed out on multiple sheets of paper. Often there are as many handwritten additions on the pages as there are marks from a printer. The diagram is also usually out of date, even allowing for handwritten notes.

Maintaining a diagram is hard. Deciding to actually spend time working on one instead of just talking about a few entities and building them, may be harder. This week, I wanted to ask you if you’re up to the challenge in your organization.

How many of you maintain an ER model for your database?

Do you have an ER diagram you’ve built? Whether it’s in ErWin, Visio, or Paint. Is there a diagram that’s actively maintained and that everyone can use for designing changes to the database(s) in use? Do people actually consult this and use it in design meetings? Let us know this week.

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