Argenis and Ryan

It’s the time of the year when PASS holds its annual elections for the board of directors. This year we have four candidates for 3 slots: Jennifer Stirrup, Tim Ford, Argenis Fernandez and Ryan Adams. Jennifer and Tim have been serving on the board the last few years, with newcomers, Argenis and Ryan, seeking to join the organization.

I haven’t been too involved the last few years with PASS formally, though I do try to support the SQL Saturdays as best I can throughout the year. I’m still amazed at how well Karla does in facilitating so many events each year. I can only hope that continues.

This year I’m writing to endorse two of the candidates. Argenis and Ryan are both members of the community that support both events and people, giving to others where they can. They have strong, and thoughtful opinions, both of which I value. I also like change, and I’d like to see the focus and mission of PASS change a bit to consider its membership more than its profits.

This isn’t to say that I think Jennifer and Tim haven’t done a good job. They are also fine candidates, well qualified, and thoughtful. If either, or both, of them are elected, the organization will do well.

I just like change in leadership. I like new ideas and fresh perspectives.

I do urge all of you to take a few minutes of your time and look at the candidates. Read what they’ve written and then spend a few more minutes voting when elections open. This is a small request that can help us our professional organization continue to thrive.

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