A Practical Approach to Version Control


Chances are, your team has several point-in-time backups for your databases. After all, they’re essential for recovering the system in an emergency. And, chances are, you’ve got a version control system (VCS) to provide the same capabilities for your applications.

But what about version control for the database, too?

Come to this session to see how you can create a more efficient database development platform by integrating your VCS with SQL Server. In real-time, you’ll see how versioning, branching, merging, and the other manual tasks you hate can fade away with just a few tips, tricks, and tools.

Level: 200


I’ve built these demos:

  • Connecting your database to a version control system. I use Git here, but can use SVN (or TFS online with connectivity)
  • History and Changes – Getting a few of the changes made over time, tracking to a user, undoing changes.
  • Object Locking – Using Redgate’s SQL Source Control, but explaining how a semaphore is needed
  • Branching – A look at creating a branch in Git and then working with a second database.


Powerpoint: SITC15_SteveJonesPracticalVCS.pptx

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