Rebooting SQLNewBlogger in November

I ran into Ed Leighton-Dick last week at the PASS Summit and we were chatting about the SQLNewBlogger challenge he started in April. I enjoyed it and while a number of people started, it seemed like most waned away. I tried to keep the challenge going with my own posts, adding notes to the posts on how much time I spent to give you confidence you could successfully blog yourself.

Ed wanted to kick off the challenge again, and he did earlier this week. There’s a November SQLNewBlogger challenge, asking you to get four posts done this month. One is due each Tuesday, which means the first was four days ago, on Nov 4.

Don’t let this discourage you if you didn’t write a post.

Start now. Write a post today. Look through the ones I’ve written. Heck, write about the same topic I wrote about. Have you written about defining a FK at table create time? If not, write that post now, reference mine, and show how to do it. Give us a sentence or two on why you would do this.

Write about using the DAC. Write about PowerBI. that one’s still on my list. Ed has ideas as well, and feel free to use one.

The idea is to just write. Take some time this weekend, reflect on something you did this week, jot some notes, and write a short piece to showcase your knowledge.

This is your chance to showcase your knowledge for your next employer, or even your review at the end of the year.

I know I’ve been inspired, knocking out 5 posts this week, which I’ve scheduled each Thursday. I’ll be late to Ed’s challenge, but that’s OK. I’m continuing to write short pieces about my knowledge. In fact, a few changes to a PoSh script today gave me two posts, looking to specific skills I worked on.

You can do the same. I look forward to you blogging, and seeing your posts appear in the #SQLNewBlogger hashtag on Twitter.

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