Webinar: Unit Testing with SQL Server and tSQLt

I ran into Sebastian Meine at the PASS Summit a few weeks ago and we were talking testing. Sebastian is the founder and developer of tSQLt, which I really like using. We’ve done some teaching together and I’ve delivered a number of sessions on tSQLt at various events, but we wanted to get more people interested in testing code.

I had a session at PASS, which was very well attended. 150+ people came, which was stunning to me. I was expecting to see 20, and afterwards Sebastian and I started talking about what else we could do.

We’ve decided to do a webinar, but one driven by you. We are looking for you to ask questions about code you’d like tested, or which you’re unsure of how to approach. Leave a comment here, or put your question in the webinar registration. The details are:

Unit Testing in SQL Server with tSQLt
Thurs, Nov 19, 2015 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Join unit testing experts Steve Jones and Sebastian Meine for this exciting opportunity to learn about unit testing and the tSQLt framework to improve your T-SQL code quality and maintainability. If this day/time is not good for you, register anyway so you receive a link to the recording when it is available.

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3 Responses to Webinar: Unit Testing with SQL Server and tSQLt

  1. sqlwayne says:

    RATS! I won’t be in the office that day, and considering the drugs I’ll be doing that morning to cope with the reason that I won’t be there, I won’t be in a fit state to watch from home. So I guess I’ll catch the link later. Unfortunately I am in a situation where I don’t know what I don’t know, so I can’t propose any questions in advance. So expect followup questions later!



    • way0utwest says:

      No worries, we’ll record it. We’ve collecting questions ahead of time, which we’ll try to answer in the webinar, so if you’ve got some code you wonder how to test, post it.


  2. rsterbal says:

    Thanks for one of the better webinars I’ve attended lately. I really do hope you have additional times with Sebastian early next year.

    The git hub link is https://github.com/tSQLt-org/tSQLt/releases/tag/successful-build

    the project home page is http://tsqlt.org/


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