Branding Yourself for a Dream Job–Powerpoint and Questions

I had a few people ask about the deck, and I’ve uploaded it here: Branding Yourself for a Dream Job.

I also had a couple good questions at the end after people had left, so I thought I’d put them here.

What about a picture on my LinkedIn/resume?

I have had a few people ask this in the past, and I forgot to cover this in the talk. My only advice is that if you want to put one up, use a professional picture. Have someone take one.

Other than that, it’s a hit and miss prospect. We all have prejudices, and hiring managers/HR people are no different. If you’re a women, or old, or a minority, you might have some people exclude you based on your picture.

Personally I don’t see much benefit to adding a picture. Keep that information back until you need to disclose it.

Does it matter how many blogs I have?

No. However you will likely want to maintain them, so don’t tackle too much. I would suggest no more than 2, one for your career and one for something else.

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