2015 For Me

This was an interesting year for me. Certainly a time of change with one kid starting high school, one entering his last year, and one graduating from college. These events signal a bit of a change for me, and have me starting to look forward to a life without kids, where I may work more, or differently, and explore other interests. As I freed up some time, and became a bit excited by changes in learning for my kids, I also kick started some of my learning.

After lots of puttering, I finally decided to actually get back to writing some code this year. I’ve been working to build small utilities in C#, Python, and M this year. My goal has been to not only improve and expand my skills, but also get back to some software development and observe how this aligns with my work on ALM/DLM for Redgate. It’s been exciting to follow along with the San Diego Tech Immersion Group, Pluralsight, and even the Advent of Code.

In terms of travel and vacation, this was a pretty good year. Despite some long trips (two 10+ day journeys), I managed travel pretty well overall. Still a bit much as I was worn out by the time November hit, but I learned a few things. I am managing things better for 2016 already, limiting the number of trips I’ll take. I also managed to take almost all my vacation, and spend a few different trips with family. I’ve got at least one big family trip planned next year, so I don’t feel bad about carrying over the 3 days I have left.

Career wise, I’ve enjoyed some of the changes that have come along in my work with Redgate. I do more development than administration, which I enjoy. I started more as a developer, so getting back to those areas, at least for a year or so is nice. I’m looking forward to some of the changes at Redgate, and am especially interested to see where we go with Ready Roll. I really like the product and that style of work.

I’m certainly getting older, and felt my age this year more than ever. I struggled to run, even sporadically, and while my surgically repaired knee is fine, I think I hurt the other one playing baseball. We’ll see how it does over the winter with snowboarding, but I am more conscious of how I work and take care of myself than ever before. I think 2016 will be a rededication to building more muscle and improving health. In line with that, I think I may actually get a real standing desk I can adjust to allow me to go up and down during the day. I don’t mind standing too much, but I do get a little worn out and I’d like to have my desktop and laptop set up semi-permanently in one environment. Right now I drag my laptop to a couch or table, which isn’t ideal.

All in all, a good year. Hope it was the same for anyone reading this.

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