SQL Compare 12 Beta

SQL Compare is a core product from Redgate and I’ve got a series on some of the interesting things I’ve found. Download a trial today if you haven’t tried it.

The Beta is out. I’ve been waiting for this, and was glad to see Carly’s post on the product. I’ve been involved in looking at some early designs and functionality, and have been waiting for the product to get to the point I could play with it more.

Be sure you grab the beta if you like Compare, give it a try, and send us feedback. We really try to be responsive as a company, and certainly want Compare and Data Compare to be the best products out there.

New Look and Feel

Redgate has been looking to get a new look and simpler designs as a company. You can see that with the SQL Compare installer.

2016-06-03 16_49_37-SQL Compare

The icons have changed, but that’s not all. When you run SQL Compare, you notice this right away.

2016-06-03 17_41_23-New Project_

Once you select the items to compare, you see a familiar connection dialog.

2016-06-03 17_41_57-New Project_

If I compare, I see various results. In this case, I’ve got two demo databases in two different stages. Each has objects the other doesn’t, and I can get a cleaner (IMHO) view of the objects.

2016-06-03 17_45_27-SQL Compare - C__Users_way0u_Documents_SQL Compare_SharedProjects_(local)_SQL201

There are plenty of SQL Server 2016 enhancements, a few bug fixes, and lots of look and feel changes. There’s still some work to do, but we’re confident this version is ready to show. Let us know how the product works for you and what you’d like to see changed.

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