Not a Great Search

Tldr: A bit of a rant. I’m not spending a bunch of time crafting this.

I have mixed feelings about searching for information on Microsoft sites. It kind of works, kind of doesn’t. I know that there are resource constraints to upgrading their sites, but I’m more and more annoyed.

Perhaps this is one reason I don’t use Bing. Maybe, not sure. I need to think about this.

Anyway, I go to the main BOL page online often. It’s supposed to be more updated than the local help, and I don’t have to use some procedure to get to it. I went today and entered in a search, getting these results.

2016-06-22 13_47_36-t-sql wildcard characters - MSDN Search

Check out the second one. That might be interesting, and it’s in the Support KB. I click on it and see this:

2016-06-22 13_53_40-How to use wildcard characters in the SQL-SELECT statement in Visual FoxPro

That. Is. Not. What. I. Want. (at least not these days)

Even surfacing the entire title, or maybe tagging this as a VFP article in addition to a kb one.

As I delve into more technologies, I find acronyms crossing over, so I want to look for a term in SQL Server, or in C#, and right now I have to search and then try to limit things with a click on the left. Except that I don’t always get a good way to limit searches.

2016-06-22 13_55_37-Settings

That’s not a great example, but that’s the term of I thought of today that crosses over.

Can we please get some way to default a search to the areas we’re working in? I can click something if I’m working with SQL and need to search wider, but I seem to get (more and more) results from Sharepoint, C#, etc that aren’t relevant.

Ugh, I know I’m ranting a bit, but search becomes more and more important in the see of data, especially with things like Azure rev’ing every quarter. Give me a way to search current docs, in my area, easily, by default.

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2 Responses to Not a Great Search

  1. rsterbal says:

    I find it interesting to search in my incognito window as well as my regular browser window to get a sense of how my searches are being effected by personalization.


  2. way0utwest says:

    That’s just depressing for me, but I should do it more.


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