Better Explorer on High dpi Displays

I’ve got a high dpi display on my laptop. The recommended resolution is 2560×1704. That’s small. I have had all kinds of issues with SSMS, VS, and various other applications, including a few from Redgate.

The other day I was looking at the Explorer window from about 2 feet away and struggling to see some of the icons and filenames as the light faded one afternoon. I found I could barely make out some icons and found myself leaning forward to see and back to type. Getting older has really made this annoying.

I found an article that helped, letting me adjust the title bars and icon sizes in Explorer. I bumped up the sizes for title bars, menus, and icons. Everything went to 12 or 14, from the 9 or 10 points that are the defaults.

Now I can read my Explorer window better. If you’re struggling with the higher resolution displays, give this a try. It’s hard to tell in the screenshot, but things are much easier to read now.

2016-06-09 18_14_38-File Explorer

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4 Responses to Better Explorer on High dpi Displays

  1. rsterbal says:

    The XP interface for changing the title bars was easier to find and adjust.


  2. You can adjust with the control key and forward or backward scroll on the mouse wheel too.
    I use this on most remote desktop displays to get everything in on the screen.



    • way0utwest says:

      I use the Control key + scroll all the time on the desktop. What’s really cool is FF lets me scroll one tab, without scrolling all of them.

      I can scroll in SSMS as well, but only for code or results. Object Explorer, menus don’t scroll. Zoomit is good for presentations, but not working. The Windows Magnifier is OK, but I really just want better scaling Explorer, menus, etc.


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