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At the PASS Summit this year, there won’t be a Thursday night party. I think that’s fine, as it never seemed like a highly attended event, and the costs are high.

That means that Thursday night is open, and I know lots of you will be looking for something to do. Or you’ll know someone that’s looking for something to do. In either of those cases, Andy Warren and I are looking to try and organize a few things. One of these will be around dinner plans for attendees.

That’s where I’m looking for help from you. I need a list of restaurants in the downtown Seattle area.

We’re looking for recommendations from those of you that have eaten dinner in Seattle. Give us a name/address, cost ($ or $$ or $$$) and how busy it was. We’re looking for those places that are walking distance or short Uber/Lyft/cab from the Convention Center area.

Leave a comment with your recommendation and watch out for our announcement soon on the meetup plans.

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23 Responses to Restaurants At Summit

  1. Off the top of my head:
    Crab Pot is a fun group destination! $$ to $$$.
    Pike’s Pub @ Pike’s Brewing Company. Good food. Great beer. $$
    Palisade – nice, high end restaurant. Nice romantic place with your significant other. $$$
    Icon Grill – had dinner here 2 years ago. Good food. Fun atmosphere. $$

    All of these can be quite busy during dinner hours.

    And this isn’t a dinner place, but I’ll throw it here anyway:
    Biscuit Bitch – if you love biscuits & gravy, make a point to get over here!


  2. Gill Rowley says:

    Serious Pie at 316 Virginia Street. Small place, signature gourmet pizzas. Really good. According to their website, nothing appears to be over $20.


  3. pianorayk says:

    I second the Crab Pot! Great place to go! Note that you might need to wait for a table.


  4. The Grill From Ipanema is an outstanding Brazilian steak house.
    Not necessarily great for a huge party. A bit pricey(not bad for a steakhouse), but you won’t be hungry for days afterward.


  5. rdameron says:

    Very good tacos, house made salsas, and cheap but good margaritas. Not expensive either and a great place if you have to eat gluten-free.

    El Borracho Pike Place Market
    1521 1st Ave
    (between Pike St & Pine St)
    Seattle, WA 98101
    Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm
    Fri & Sat 11am-midnight


  6. The Metropolitan is definitely the best Steak house in Seattle. I got this tip from a couple from Seattle that rented me their apartment. Prices are relatively high but the service is great, the wines are outstanding and they know a lot about those. Then the best thing is the meat itself. I guess others know it too if you look at the cars that got valet parked 😉


  7. DanGuzman_not_MVP says:

    Johnny Rockets $
    600 Pine St.
    Pacific Place

    50’s diner, burgers and shakes. It wasn’t super busy the 2 times i’ve been there. Top floor of the Pacific Place mall.


  8. Steve Wake says:

    I’ll put in a 3rd vote on Crab Pot, always make a point of going there at least once each time I’m at Seattle. I’ll also add Elliott’s Oyster House to the list. We went there a few times for the Colorado dinner at Summit in previous years and it was always really good (and Chris Shaw’s favorite place in Seattle)! 🙂 It is a bit expensive and very busy, usually requires a reservation especially for groups.

    Elliot’s Oyster House
    1201 Alaskan Way Pier 56
    Seattle, WA 98101
    (206) 623-4340


  9. vickyharp says:

    Wild Ginger at 3rd and Union. $$. Asian Fusion. Went there with a group of about 10 and were able to get a table without a reservation, though it took about an hour. Dinner lasted a long time so there was not a lot of time to do anything after. We dined family style – ordered about 8 dishes for the table and shared. Since we were all with the same company I can’t say how it would have been if we were splitting checks.

    The Pink Door on Post Alley. $$, Italian. Food was pretty good, not off the charts, but location (it has a hidden entrance) and ambiance were a nice change from Summit mode. We got a table for 4 in about 30 minutes but I got the impression we lucked out because we dined early. Seemed like it might be a struggle for a large party. Same as above re: splitting checks.


  10. way0utwest says:

    Thanks, Vicki. I’ll add to the list.


  11. SQLGator says:

    +1 to Crab Pot & Pike’s Pub @ Pike’s Brewing Company
    I would throw in Radiator Whiskey ( at Pike’s Place for good food and an excellent Bourbon and Whiskey collection. Mickey Stuewe invited a bunch of us there last year and I would definitely recommend.


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  13. Most of what you’ll find within a short walk of the convention center is not very unique, but I can understand people wanting that convenience. Here are a few nearby places that haven’t been mentioned yet:

    Barrio ($$) – 1420 12th Ave – Great Mexican food, and a family favorite.
    Palace Kitchen ($$) – 2030 5th Ave – Another one of Tom Douglas’ spots (in addition to the already mentioned Serious Pie, the Dahlia series, and the list goes on…). It’s hard to go wrong with any of his restaurants.
    Mistral Kitchen ($$$) – 2020 Westlake Ave – If you have a company credit card and a generous per-diem that will cover the other people in your group, get the chef’s table and plan on a long night (as in about 5 hours for dinner). Amazing experience if you’re up for it. Otherwise, just get a regular table.
    Charlie’s ($) – 217 Broadway E – The best mozzarella sticks you will ever eat. No joke. People think I’m crazy until they try them.

    If you want to get a little outside the immediate convention center area, but still an easy ride away and in a safe neighborhood, check out one of these:
    Il Terrazzo Carmine ($$$) – 411 1st Avenue S – Some of the best and most authentic Italian food in Seattle. And you’ve got Pioneer Square to explore if you’re looking to see one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods.
    St Clouds ($$) – 1131 34th Ave – A friend of mine that used to run food tours in Seattle turned me on to this place. Straight up good food and atmosphere.
    Ocho ($$) – 2325 NW Market St – A small tapas bar in Ballard. Good neighborhood to check out after dinner and feel weird if you don’t have a beard. The only downside is it can be tough to get a table at times.
    Poppy ($$$) – 622 Broadway E – On the north end of Capitol Hill. Small plates, trendy, but really good.
    Slim’s Last Chance ($) – 5606 1st Avenue S – Chili shack & watering hole. ‘Nuff said. It’s a little rough – expect some bikers, lots of tattoos, likely some live music, and chili that’s been featured on the Food Network.


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