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DevOps at Microsoft

I’ve been watching Microsoft for quite a few years, with my career being tightly intertwined with the company for 25 years.  I’m amazed by the way the company has changed in the last five years. It’s probably been longer than … Continue reading

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Quick Tips–Using ii in #SQLPrompt

SQL Prompt has lots of great features that can help you write SQL quicker. However, you’ve got to train yourself to use a few of these and not just start to type with your old habits. This quick tip looks … Continue reading

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The Black Boxes

Machine learning and artificial intelligence seem to be the hot topics these days. From bots that can interact with people to systems that learn and grow as they process more data, it seems that science fiction is becoming reality. At … Continue reading

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What Helps You Learn?

There was a post recently asking how to train a junior DBA. What tasks do you give them, how to get them productive, etc. The responses were interesting, but I was struck by one note from a person that is … Continue reading

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