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SQL Prompt has lots of great features that can help you write SQL quicker. However, you’ve got to train yourself to use a few of these and not just start to type with your old habits. This quick tip looks at one of those areas when inserting data into tables.

There are times I’m building some test data to try a new piece of code. In the past, I’d start typing INSERT. In SQL Prompt, this gives me a selection after beginning the ins, which is how far I get as a quick typist.

2016-08-22 10_34_02-SQLQuery7.sql - (local)_SQL2014.Sandbox (PLATO_Steve (57))_ - Microsoft SQL Serv

Effort: 4 keystrokes.

I’ve tried to write cleaner T-SQL, so I’d add in the INTO, which for me is “i” plus 2 down arrows.

2016-08-22 10_34_11-SQLQuery7.sql - (local)_SQL2014.Sandbox (PLATO_Steve (57))_ - Microsoft SQL Serv

Now: 9 keystrokes

Next, I’d begin with the table, in this case, my Employee table. For me, this means hitting “e” and then the down arrow.

2016-08-22 10_35_26-ObjectDefinitionBox

Now: 11 keystrokes

Hitting Tab at this point would get me the insert statement, with the list of columns and default values. Having the quotes already there, and the data types, can be really handy.

Total: 12 keystrokes

That’s a pretty quick way to get the insert statement. However, there’s a better way. If I type “ii”, I get this:

2016-08-22 10_41_51-ObjectDefinitionBox

That’s one of the built in snippets for SQL Prompt that builds an insert statement. Now I can add my table.

2016-08-22 10_42_02-SQLQuery7.sql - (local)_SQL2014.Sandbox (PLATO_Steve (57))_ - Microsoft SQL Serv

That means in 6 keystrokes I’ve built the same insert statement, and it’s much quicker. As I’ve gotten used to using ii, I can get test data for an algorithm built very quickly.

Hopefully, you’ll see the value in SQL Prompt and start using snippets to improve your ability to code quickly and take the hassles and guesswork out of cleanly building SQL Code. You can also read a similar piece I wrote on the Redgate blog.

Try a SQL Prompt evaluation today and then ask your boss to get you this productivity enhancing tool, or if you’re using the tool, practice using ii the next time you need to insert some data.

I’ve also written a similar piece on the Redgate Blog,  You can see a complete list of tips at Redgate.

You can also watch this tip in action:

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