Thursday Night Networking Dinner Meetup at Summit 2016

This year PASS announced that Thursday night would be an open night at the PASS Summit, with no events scheduled. Typically Microsoft has sponsored a party at Gameworks, but not this year. PASS has a list of events at the Summit, if you want to browse. Many of these events do require invitations, which means attendance will be limited.

Andy Warren and I decided to put together a couple of events for Thursday night, hoping to give many of you an alternative that’s both fun and good for your career. We came up with two items, and we hope that some of you will choose to attend. I’ll talk about one here, and the other in a new post.

Please pass the word on to others that you know might be attending the summit. Tweets, blogs, etc. are appreciated. We’re using the hashtag #sqldinner, so please feel free to add that to your promotion.

Thursday Night Dinner Meetup

For many years, Andy and I have run the Monday Night Networking Dinner. This year, we decided to expand that to Thursday night, but with a twist. We are looking to organize small groups of people for a quiet dinner. We are asking for anyone interested in meeting fellow database professionals to come to the Convention Center lobby on Thursday around 5:30. We’ll have signs to help guide you.

In the lobby we’ll have some facilitators to help you find/build a group of four with a shared interest, anything from technical to sports to politics. Once you have a group you’ll move over to the ‘restaurant board’ to look at a list of area restaurants. We’ll tag each with whether they are in walking distance (< 1/2 mile). Pick a restaurant and you’re off to dinner! Our goal is to facilitate, but self organizing is fine. Our hope is this is a chance for you to network with some new people and enjoy a nice dinner with some new friends.

Around 5:45-6:30, we’ll try to organize people into groups of 4 that can go out for a dinner at a local restaurant. Please feel free to self-organize and leave if you have a group, but the idea is to network with some new people and enjoy a nice dinner with some new friends.

I’ve gotten a number of restaurant suggestions (still looking for more), at various price ranges, and will have information available that night. We will have the various restaurant names on cards, to help you choose, but also try to spread the load so people aren’t waiting too long. We will also have a whiteboard with various topics and ideas in the Community Zone during the day Thursday for you to come read and consider which items are interesting to you. Feel free to vote on existing topics or add your own.

This is an opportunity to try something new, and certainly a chance to get out of your hotel room if you don’t have other plans. If you have a group of 2 or 3, then feel free to come by and meet another new person or two that might want to join you.

Again, I hope this works out well and please help me and Andy pass the word. Even if you have other plans Thursday, I’m sure there are plenty that won’t, so encourage them to meet someone new on Thursday night.

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  2. Gina Lu says:

    I would like to join in….

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  4. Karen says:

    the last session I plan to attend ends at 6 PM. I hope someone will still be there at that point.

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