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Validating a Set of Database Scripts using DLM Automation

The basis of all the DLM Automation from Redgate is a series of PowerShell cmdlets. They might look intimidating or confusing, but they aren’t. This is part of a series of posts that examine how you use each one. Previously … Continue reading

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Hire the Right People

I’ve seen this list of why projects fail going around the Internet for awhile (recently from Brent Ozar Unlimited).  There are a number of items in here, and if you substitute some other field for the data scientist part, you … Continue reading

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Quick PoSh Kills with Stop-DbaProcess

I’ve been trying to get used to using the dbatools cmdlets in PoSh. They help me learn some PowerShell, but they also make some things easier. As a part of my practice, I’m documenting the various items I’ve played with. … Continue reading

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Escaping a Dollar Sign in PoSh–#SQLNewBlogger

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers. I’ve been working more with PowerShell lately and ran into a problem I thought would be easy, but it … Continue reading

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