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It’s summertime in the Northern hemispheres, and a time when much of the world takes their holiday time away from work. Most kids are out of school for at least part of the June/July/August time period. With many of us workers trying to spend time with our families, this is the part of the year that we schedule trips and events.

Taking time away to be with family is important, but just getting away from work is healthy for all of us. Whether it’s a planned trip to some new location, visiting relatives in another city, or even just taking time to enjoy a leisure activity, we all need a break. Some of us will try to do too much during our break, arriving back at work physically worn out. Even in these situations, it’s still nice to get your mind away from the environment you face most days. I think any break is good, and especially in the era of smartphones and nearly ubiquitous connectivity, time away is good for your health.

This week, I’m wondering if any of you have plans for an adventure that you’re excited about. Are you going somewhere new or engaging in some activity you look forward to? Perhaps you don’t have big plans this year, but something you’re working towards in the future? Make us jealous and let us know what holiday break might be coming your way.

I’ve been more of a winter person for most of my life, looking to take time off from work when there’s snow on the ground, but I’ve had my share of summer trips. Usually my family will camp and take a few trips. With my children getting older, I expect to take even more trips when it’s just my wife and me. Since I can work from anywhere, I can follow along on some of her horse adventures.

This year we had planned on a long trip to Glacier National Park, but with older kids, scheduling looks to be a bit of an issue, so we’ll likely stick to camping in Colorado. However, I am honored to have been chosen to speak at the Data Platform Summit in Bangalore, India, so we’ll all have a bit of a vacation in August as we travel to a new country.

Enjoy the weekend and let me know what your plans are this year.

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  1. diligentdba says:

    Am going to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas next week with my sister. Greatly look forward to it.


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