Independence Day 2017

Today is July 4, Independence Day in the US, more commonly known as the Fourth of July. This is the day that the United States declared it self a separate nation from the British Empire. For most of my life, this has been a day of celebration with kids, or as a kid. A time when we cook outside, watch fireworks, and have an enjoyable day away from work. The last decade or so I’ve also re-read the Declaration of Independence, as a way of remembering the history of my country.

As I was preparing for this year’s holiday, it struck me that so often inside of companies we find groups and departments that almost separate themselves from others. We get silos and habits of working that are distinct, often because they feel that trying to work within the constraints of others’ requirements is too stifling or non-productive. Unlike the U.S .Declaration of Independence, I’m not sure that most of the people that work separately could list a defined set of reasons why they work by themselves.

As I talk about and promote DevOps, the one fundamental action needed for success is communication. Disparate groups need to work together, from architecture to development to business analysts to QA to operations. Every person needs to provide help and feedback to other groups, being willing to modifty the ways in which they work to smooth the out the entire process.

In other words, we need to work together.

I hope that as you move forward in building software for your company, you learn to work with others, finding ways to smooth out the process to deliver valuable features and functions to your customers.

And if you’re in the US, have a great Fourth of July.

Steve Jones


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