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Backup Preparations

I’m sure that many data professionals recognize the importance of having backups in the event of some issue. Many of you will schedule these as soon as you create a database, and then not think much of the process, ignoring … Continue reading

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Replication Silliness

I wrote an editorial asking about things that needed to be done to improve replication. There are plenty of things that need help, but as I was testing some replication, I got this the other day. I am trying to … Continue reading

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Database Mirroring Needs FQDNs

A quick basic post, and one that I’ve forgotten. Since blogging is a good way to remind myself of things, here goes. I was testing Database Mirroring (DBM) recently for an upgrade situation. I’ve set up it up in the … Continue reading

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The 43rd Birthday for SQL

I ran across a neat post that reminded me that SQL is 43 this year. It first appeared in 1974, and not only is it still in use by many of us on a daily basis, it’s the second most … Continue reading

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