Replication Silliness

I wrote an editorial asking about things that needed to be done to improve replication. There are plenty of things that need help, but as I was testing some replication, I got this the other day.

2017-06-20 10_35_01-Socrates - VMware Workstation

I am trying to setup a secure home network (other than the same password for a few services to make life easier). I have firewalls running and open specific ports for SQL Server. In this case, I have multiple instances on this machine, so I opened a port for a named instance. I didn’t want the SQL Browser running, and connected with the port.

These are all valid connections for the server:

  • Atlas,51433
  • Atlas\SQL2016,51433
  • Atlas\SQL2016
  •, 51433
  •\SQL2016, 51433

Guess which ones work? Only the name/instance.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, or there’s a setting, but this is a bit silly that valid connection strings with ports don’t seem to work with replication.

Especially after seeing this:

2017-06-20 11_20_43-What's New (Replication) _ Microsoft Docs

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