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Replication Gets Some Love

I really like replication in SQL Server. At least, I like it as a concept. It solves some hard problems and lets me move data around in a way that can handle larger loads, reduce queries to OLTP servers, and … Continue reading

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Replication Silliness

I wrote an editorial asking about things that needed to be done to improve replication. There are plenty of things that need help, but as I was testing some replication, I got this the other day. I am trying to … Continue reading

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Improving Replication

I really like replication as a technology. I think the ability to move data around to other systems, at a gross level, is extremely handy in many systems. While SSIS and other ETL tools are very flexible and powerful, they … Continue reading

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How Much Eventual Consistency Do You Have?

There’s a never ending debate about NoSQL v RDBMS systems that seems to polarize the people that prefer one technology over the other. In fact, it seems that every time I talk to someone that dislikes NoSQL technology in general, … Continue reading

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