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This editorial was originally published on Aug 23, 2013. It is being re-published as Steve is on vacation.

I had a conversation recently with a developer that was working on a rather neat problem. This had to do with a financial system and it involved some complex calculations and real time interactions with a variety of systems. It was important for their company, and a lot of pressure was on this developer to not only deliver this software quickly, but also to have it perform at a very high level. This particular person was using Red Gate’s ANTS Performance Profiler to dig into their code, feeling pressure to make it as efficient as possible.

However this developer was also enjoying the work. It was a challenge, and it was a cool project.

I know this community is made up of people working in all sorts of industries, in a variety of roles. We develop many different kinds of software. Some may be for employers, some may be for ourselves, some may be for a side business, but  across that spectrum of work, there are some interesting applications.

What cool things are you working on?

It might not be software. Perhaps you’re working on an interesting data application, like a super collider. Maybe you work on some gaming software or a large hardware system. Perhaps you deal with a system that makes people’s lives better, easier, or even possible. I’m sure more than a few of you work on some real time systems, which have all kinds of data challenges.

Let us know this week what type of interesting work you’re doing.

Steve Jones


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