The Second Best Job

I think I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to run SQLServerCentral, focusing on the Microsoft Data Platform, writing articles, experimenting with technology, speaking at events, and more, all with a bit of autonomy. I’ve been doing this job for well over a decade, and I’ve built routines and rhythms that have allowed me to balance work, family, and life. I really enjoy my job with Redgate.

Redgate also runs Simple Talk, a companion site that seeks to educate and inform the community, just like SQLServerCentral. Simple Talk runs somewhat longer pieces and has fewer newsletters, but it’s a part of Redgate’s effort to give back to the community and help our current and future customers get better at their jobs. And now, we’re hiring a new editor for Simple Talk, which means the second best job in the company has an opening.

This isn’t necessarily the easiest job, and it does take a certain kind of person. I’ve told many people for years that almost anyone versed in SQL Server could do my job for a few days, but few could do it for a month. Or maybe, few would want to do it for a month. Producing new content on a regular basis, handling some of the tedious duties of an editor, these can be difficult tasks for many people over time. Even managing yourself (we need an independent self-starter) can be a challenge.

We have a great team in marketing, and Redgate is a fantastic company. The highest praise I can give them is that they have been the kind of company I’d want to build if I were to start a new venture. There are great benefits, you can work from home and work with autonomy. Plus, you get to work with me.

We need good technical skills, strong communication skills, and someone that wants to help grow the site even further. If you think this might be your kind of job, think about applying. Who knows, maybe the second best job could be yours.

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