Livestreaming the Redgate Hub for the US

The Livestream launch for the Redgate Community Hub is next Wednesday, Sept 6, 2017. To ensure that our customers and friends in the US and the rest of the this hemisphere can enjoy the festivities, we are broadcasting at 8pm GMT.

Register today and watch us live.

I’m flying to the UK Monday, and hopefully I’ll be semi-adjusted for the event. I have a 6am broadcast for AsiaPac and will likely go to the gym in the afternoon and take a short nap before coming back to the office for the 8pm broadcast.

We’re showcasing some new features and functions in our software, while showing you how we are helping provide you more knowledge and learning in the Hub. This is a more organized set of information that should help you evaluate, understand, and use our software to build better software faster.

I hope you’ll join us and Watch Tuesday.

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