The End of Summer

Today is Labor Day in the US, and a federal holiday. Not much of one for me as I’m flying to the UK today for a week of meetings and the Redgate Community Hub livestream on Wednesday. Register, tune in and watch if you can. I don’t feel too bad about working today as I’ve had a few light days in the last few weeks.

When I was younger, Labor day was the end of summer. School typically started the next day, so this was our last day to go to the beach and surf, play volleyball, or enjoy ourselves with few responsibilities. It was the last day off for quite some time, usually until late October or even Thanksgiving in November. We appreciated this holidays as only schoolchildren can.

These days I view the world differently. Labor Day often means the start of conference season, with deadlines approaching and travel ramping up. So many events seem to occur in the Sept/Oct/Nov timeframe that it’s a busy part of my year. This year is no different with travel this week and 4 more events before December. Hopefully I’ll meet more of you at one of those stops.

Most of us are the laborers, working for an organization and receiving a paycheck in response. We don’t usually have organized unions in our industry, but we have helped spur economic growth in our countries with our with in technology and this is a good day to remember our contributions and celebrate them in the US.

Happy Labor Day.

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