Game Night is Back at the Summit

Last year Andy Warren and I worked out a deal with the PASS organization to sponsor a game night on Thursday evening since there were no official events. The event went well, with way more attendance than we expected. I was actually amazed at the number of people that brought games I’d never heard of.

This year Andy and I are a bit busy with other events, and Halloween is causing some issues. Over the year we’ve had discussions with PASS and they agreed to host Game Night as an official event, providing the room and support. Kevin Hill (b | t) is going to lead the event, and everyone should thank him for stepping up.

Game Night tickets are available now, for $12, which will cover admission and an alcoholic (or 2 non-alcoholic) drinks. I expect space will be limited, so sign up today if you want a quieter, fun time Thursday night competing with other attendees.

I think I’ll have other commitments, but I’ll try to stop by and say hi. Don’t worry, I won’t take a ticket, and prevent one of you from enjoying the games.

If this is your thing, and you’d like to help out in 2018, let me know. I’d like PASS to run this every night and get multiple volunteers to help keep things organized. I think plenty of you would love a space to compete for fun instead of searching for something else.

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