Automate Migrations–T-SQL Tuesday #94

tsqltuesdayIt’s T-SQL Tuesday time again, and I’m slightly pressed for time, which is sad. This is a great topic.

Rob Sewell hosts this month with his question about what we are going to automate? He’s a PowerShell advocate, so I’m not surprised here. As much as I enjoy working in various languages, PoSh becomes more and more handy to me when I need to work outside of the SQL Server platform. I’ve been trying to play with it, and I enjoy it more and more.

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Automate Things Between Instances

The first time I saw the dbatools project in action was at SQL Saturday Cambridge, where Chrissy Lemaire gave a session with Rob. I was surprised at the power and ease of the project. I was impressed, and decided to help learn more as well as promote the project. I’ve tried to blog regularly about their cmdlets as I get a chance to play with them and I’m pretty much always impressed.

The next time you need to move some object, setting, job, etc. from one instance to another, you should try this:

  1. install the dbatools module
  2. look through the command index
  3. try migrating your object(s) with PoSh.

That’s it.

Maybe you need to copy a database or login. Maybe you want to copy jobs to a new server. The dbatools module makes all of these things easy.

So give it a try. There are some great tools for migrations as well as wonderful items for common DBA tasks.

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