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More of an FYI, but the EU Cookie Consent law goes into effect on Oct 1. Maybe this matters to you, maybe not. In my case, I may be in limbo as I work for a UK company even though I live in the US. Certainly I want EU visitors to my sites, so I decided to go ahead and comply.

For, I went into the Plugins section of the site and clicked “Add New”. Then I had a list of plugins, but I entered “Cookie”” and searched. I got this:

2017-09-22 17_35_57-Add Plugins ‹ T-SQL Tuesday — WordPress

I choose Cookie Consent and added it to the site. The default activation is at the top of the site, and that’s fine. I tested this with a Private browser window and I see the notice. I’m not going to mess with options here, just let you know there are cookies.

For, this is hosted by I did that since it was easy and I don’t need to manage WP for the blog. Here, I went to the Appearance menu and then Widgets. In this section, WordPress have provided the EU Cookie Law Banner. That’s fine with me, and I added it to the First Footer Widget area.

2017-09-22 17_38_33-Widgets ‹ Voice of the DBA — WordPress

Again, not messing with settings, and I confirm this is at the bottom of the page.

2017-09-22 17_39_05-Voice of the DBA _ Writings from Steve Jones, the Voice of the DBA

Whatever you think of this law, I decided compliance was easy and not a big deal. I’ve been seeing this on more and more sites, so it may be just something to get used to. Up to you, but I’d add this to my blogs if I were you.

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