Redgate at Summit 2017

I’ll be heading out to the PASS Summit next week, spending Halloween in a conference center with a lot of other geeks. I know some of you won’t make it, and we’ll miss you, but I understand.

I’m meeting my colleagues from Redgate there, including the new editor of Simple Talk, Kathi Kellenberger. We’ll be at the event all week and we look forward to chatting with you about databases, DevOps, and more. We’ve also got a few events during the week that we hope you’ll attend.

Stop by the Redgate Booth in the expo center for a demo, or just to chat about SQL Server.

Adopting a DevOps Process for Your Database

I’ve got a session on Wednesday, Nov 1, at 1:30 that will provide an overview of how you might rub some DevOps on your database development. I’ll use some of the Redgate tools, but really I want you convince you that a smoother, more reliable database development process is possible.

Lower your risk, make your deployments reliable and repeatable. Come join me, see how the process can work, and ask lots of questions. I’ll have lots of answers.

How DevOps for the Database Helps with Compliance

Immediately after my DevOps talk, I’ll be joining Grant Fritchey and Richard Macaskill to talk about DevOps and compliance. We are seeing more and more organizations bound by rules and regulations that require them to be careful about who can see their production data and how it’s stored. This will mean that more of us need to be careful about how we manage data.

With the move to DevOps and releasing changes more often, this can present some challenges for data professionals. However, DevOps can actually help with compliance if done right. Join Grant, Richard, and I for a discussion of the challenges and potential solutions.

Redgate Rocks

If you are coming to the Summit, make sure you stop by the Redgate booth to pick up your #RedgateRocks ribbon for entrance to our party Thursday night. I’ll be there with the Redgate crew to celebrate the last evening of the Summit at 1927 Events.

This is your chance to get out of the Conference Center, head towards the ocean and have a good time in downtown Seattle with us.

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