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SSMS Updates in 17.4

SSMS 17.4 is out, and if you haven’t upgraded from SQL 204, 2012, 2008, etc., you should do so. You can run your bundled SSMS side by side with the new versions, but it seems that the 17x versions are … Continue reading

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Singular or Plural

There are all sorts of interesting debates that developers will have about programming. One of those I’ve written about in the past is Spaces v Tabs. There’s a lot of discussion about that one, and certainly no share of strong opinions. … Continue reading

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I got sent an interview by Mohammad Darab, a fellow SQL Server professional in Northern Virginia. I thought the questions were interesting, and spent a bit of time on them. You can read the interview here: https://mohammaddarab.com/interview-steve-jones/

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