Starting from Scratch

As the new year starts today, I find myself looking at my blog and seeing no posts in queue. My last editorial published today and no blogs scheduled for this week. In other words, the same state that many blogs are in.

I’m a big fan of writing regularly, and if inspiration strikes and lets you get more than one post done, schedule it out. Usually I’ve got 5-10 posts scheduled at any one time, but not today. With two weeks of travel and then holidays to close out 2017, I didn’t do much writing.

So today the focus is getting back to work, while also keeping an eye out for those things to write about. As I work with T-SQL, I’ll make notes of things that are interesting, or that I learn, and start adding blog posts.

I don’t have a goal for 2018, but I did end up with 219 blogs (excluding editorials) with an average of 18 posts a month. We’ll see how I do this year.

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